400 People Murdered In Philadelphia Alone In 2021

(PresidentialWire.com)- The City of Philadelphia reached a grim milestone this past weekend four more people were shot and killed bringing the city’s total number of murders for this year to over 400.

On Monday, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner discussed the weekend shootings which brought Philly to this deadly milestone. Thus far, Krasner explained, only 29 percent of homicides and 15 percent of non-fatal shoots have resulted in arrests. Krasner expressed outrage both at the number of homicides, but also at city officials home he criticized for not taking action. He then called for “collaborators” and “partners” to “work together to solve this problem.”

On Sunday, Democrat Mayor Jim Kenney expressed outrage over the spike in murders and vowed that his administration would “act with urgency to reduce violence and save lives.” The mayor announced plans to introduce a $155 million spending program to help non-governmental organizations to reduce violence in Philadelphia.

But both Mayor Kenney and DA Larry Krasner bear some of the blame for Philadelphia becoming the second-deadliest city in the United States.

Prosecutions have fallen dramatically since the progressive Krasner became district attorney. By early September, 65 percent of gun charges were either dismissed or withdrawn in 2021. And this trend has been picking up over the last six years. In 2015, there were 375 guilty pleas for gun charges. In 2020, there were just 148.

For his part, Kenney continually deflects blame for the rising crime in the city he runs. In July a city council member advocated for making the gun crisis an “emergency,” and Kenney sent him a letter explaining that it is not a solution “that will demonstrably change conditions in Philadelphia.”

Last month, after a 15-year-old North Philadelphia girl was shot in the head and later died, community activists called for Mayor Kenney to call in the Pennsylvania National Guard. But Kenney refused, saying that it is not an “effective tool to bring in uniformed, camouflaged, gun-rifle-carrying people in helmets.”

Over the summer, after the City Council voted to cut police funding by $33 million for fiscal year 2021, Mayor Kenney agreed to eliminate a $19 million increase and cut the existing funding by $14 million.

And they wonder why there have been so few arrests?

It seems the best solution to Philly’s rising crime is getting rid of the radical Democrats who are running the city into the ground. But given the Democrat Party’s death grip on Philadelphia, this is the one solution that is never going to happen.