25-Year-Old Remains From Kentucky Identified

Kentucky Authorities have positively identified the remains of a human being that were discovered over twenty years ago in a lake, entangled in heavy chains.

Kentucky State Police issued a press statement stating that the man’s identity had remained unknown since his bones were found in Lake Barkley by two anglers in 1999. The corpse was bound using a hydraulic jack and tire chains.

It wasn’t until 2016 that DNA tests were first used to try to identify the corpse. In that year, the state police said, the corpse was unearthed and analyzed using cutting-edge forensic techniques, including dental inspections, DNA testing, and others.

Until early this year, when state police started consulting a private forensics lab, they could not identify the individual. Reports revealed that the bones were subjected to genetic testing by Othram Inc., which focuses on cold cases.

The tests helped identify the man as Roger Dale Parham by connecting his relatives to the DNA of the remains.

According to state police, Parham went missing in 1999 when he was in Fort Smith, Arkansas, awaiting his trial on criminal charges. It was believed that he fled the area to evade punishment after disappearing. The FBI was reportedly engaged in the hunt for Parham as well, according to state police.

According to the agency, Roger Dale Parham was taken into custody in late 1998 on suspicion of rape involving a juvenile. The 52-year-old was freed on bail after being accused of the crime in Arkansas. The police subsequently stated that a trial had been scheduled for several criminal offenses.

Reports show Parham was a laborer who had preferred cash payments. He disappeared shortly after his arrest. Authorities believe he fled the region in an attempt to evade punishment. The FBI announced that a warrant for Parham’s arrest had been issued by the state court.

A murder investigation is underway.