22 Year Old Pedophile Blackmailed Over 70 Teenage Girls

(PresidentialWire.com)- A 22-year-old pedophile from Merseyside, England, reportedly blackmailed over 70 young teenage girls online into performing humiliating and degrading sex acts. The Daily Mail reports that the man, Elliot Nicklin, even blackmailed one young girl into carving his name into her breast with a blade.

Nicklin used online accounts in chat groups to lure the young girls into performing the acts online, ordering some girls to choke themselves while on camera and even forcing one girl to hold her head in the water of the toilet bowl. Another young victim was told to strip naked in her school bathroom.

More than 20 of the girls abused by Nicklin were tracked down by the authorities, and those known to have been abused by him have been left seriously psychologically scarred. Some are even physically scarred and others left suicidal.

During his sentencing at Liverpool Crown Court, which was delayed when paramedics were called after Nicklin claimed to be suffering from a panic attack, the man was jailed for ten years.

Nicklin admitted guilt in 27 cases, which took place between 2014 and May of last year. He also pleaded guilty to possessing hundreds of indecent photographs of children. Out of those photographs, some 85 were considered “Category A,” which is the most serious category of child pornography and typically includes images of children being raped.

He even sent eight videos and photographs of his victims to other people.

It just goes to show how serious this problem is, but doesn’t it make you wonder why crimes like this only warrant a decade in prison…if he even serves the full term?

The arrest took place in England after two referrals came from the United States, prompting officers to track down the location of the man behind these wicked crimes.