10yo Charged With Murder After Shooting Peer

For the last several decades, a “cold” cultural war has raged in the United States. While this conflict has only come to the forefront of American politics in recent years following the 2016 presidential election and the commencement of the 45th president of the United States DOnald Trump’s lone term in office, conservatives and progressives have clashed for decades. In many small covert steps, leftists have gradually “moved the needle” in the cultural battle and have dominated mainstream American culture, completely altering the state of affairs in the social aspect of communities everywhere. The left has dominated the mainstream media, and completely changed the narrative in terms of what is deemed “normal” or mainstream in terms of political ideology and rhetoric. Conservatives have been largely reactionary, and have been unable to offer any meaningful alternatives to progressive messaging.

One area in which Democrats and left wing allies continue to push for a total transformation of federal law is the issue of gun control and gun ownership. While the second amendment explicitly guarantees Americans the right to own and possess a firearm, leftists have attacked the constitution with impunity for years and would love nothing more than to impose a nationwide ban on most firearms. While Democrats have long claimed they seek to ban guns on the grounds of “public safety”, it appears that even in most gun restricted and right infringing progressive states, these policies continue to prove that they simply do not work.

In the city of Sacramento in perhaps the most left wing state in America (California), a ten year old stole a firearm from his father and killed a fellow child. A boy stole the firearm from his fathers car, and then shot and killed another ten year old near an apartment complex in the Foothill Farms area of the city. Ultimately, leftist activists will seek to use the incident in order to push their political agenda.