10 Civilians Dead After Biden Airstrike Ordered

(PresidentialWire.com)- On Monday, a U.S. drone strike ordered by President Joe Biden resulted in the deaths of 10 civilians in Kabul – many of whom were children. The shocking report came just before the United States military completed its full withdrawal from the country and ending a 20-year war…while leaving hundreds of American citizens behind.

Nice job, Joe.

On Monday morning, The Washington Post reported that a single extended family was killed by the strike that occurred on Sunday as they were returning to their home. A neighbor spoke to the outlet and said that they saw bodies covered in shrapnel and blood and that some of the children killed in the strike were still inside of their car.

The strike was meant to be targeted towards an Islamic State car bomb that was considered an imminent threat outside of the Kabul airport.

Central Command issued a statement describing how they are aware of the civilian casualties, that it remains “unclear” what really happened, and that they are still investigating.

Family members came together On Sunday night to mourn the loss of the innocent civilians, of which eight were under the age of 18.

The drone strike took place in the wake of multiple ISIS-K suicide bombings outside of Kabul’s international airport and occurred in an effort to stop future attacks from killing American citizens or allies. However, it appears to have been misjudged. It was the second American drone strike carried out in response to the attack, which killed over 160 Afghans and 13 members of the United States military.

Would any of these deaths have occurred if Biden had thought to evacuate American citizens before withdrawing the troops?