Prince Harry Insanely Claims Mental Health And Climate Change Are Linked

( Prince Harry, who holds the same scientific credentials as Greta Thunberg, declared on his Apple TV series last Friday that mental health and man-made climate change are linked.

Harry’s Oprah-produced mini-series “The Me You Can’t See: A Path Forward” has given the Duke of Sussex a platform to build on the navel-gazing ABC interview Oprah conducted with him and his wife Meghan back in March.

Calling climate change the “two most pressing issues” we face, the navel-gazing non-scientist told Oprah that when our “collective well-being erodes,” our ability to be “caretakers of ourselves” — as well as caretakers of the planet — are affected.

Though great fodder for a fortune cookie, Harry’s observation isn’t exactly based on science.

Instead, Harry believes that the stresses of growing up in a world where your country is on fire or underwater is “pretty depressing.” And these countries that are on fire or underwater are due to climate change. Harry, however, does not cite which country is on fire or which is currently underwater.

Since his break with the Royal Family, Harry has rebranded himself a “Woke” social justice warrior – adopting the lexicon of the “Woke Left” and wading into social justice issues popular among them.

In an interview about his new program with Oprah, Harry said that returning to London for Prince Philip’s funeral was triggering.

During the violent and deadly riots that followed the in-custody death of George Floyd, Harry released a somewhat odd and awkward “apology” video calling out “institutional racism.”

Both Harry and his wife Meghan have come under criticism over the years for what some see as their hypocrisy, especially surrounding climate change.

In the summer of 2019, the couple traveled by private jet to both the French Riviera and Ibiza Spain in the same week. According to ITV, the flights would have generated seven times more carbon emission per person than a standard commercial flight.

That doesn’t sound like Harry and Meghan are very good “caretakers” of the planet, let alone themselves.