Hacking Group Linked To Chinese Government

(PresidentialWire.com)- According to the New York Times, in April a hacking group, believed to have links to the Communist Chinese Government, penetrated the computer systems of NYC’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), exposing vulnerabilities in the transportation network responsible for transporting millions of commuters every day.

In a report on the intrusion, the MTA said the hackers in question didn’t manage to gain access to the systems that control the trains and at no time was the safety of riders at risk, nor was any damage done to the system.

A forensic analysis of the cyberattack has not revealed any evidence that hackers set up any backdoor into the system, nor was there any compromise to personal information.

This marks the third and most significant cyberattack on the MTA’s transit system in recent years. All three are believed to be the work of hackers linked to foreign governments.

It is believed that this latest penetration is part of a recent series of widespread intrusions by hackers backed by the Chinese Communist government.

This recent hacking campaign was discovered in late April and compromised dozens of federal agencies, defense contractors, as well as financial institutions.

Naturally, the CCP denies any involvement in these hacking operations.

China has routinely employed cyberattacks for its own economic advancement in its quest to become the dominant superpower.

Because the MTA hack was limited and caused so little disruption, it is likely the hackers penetrated the system, discovered there was nothing of use, and quickly left again.

The hackers made no changes to the agency’s operations, nor did they collect any personal information like credit card numbers or employee information.

However, an attack on a city’s rail system does set off red flags.

Recently there are growing concerns about China’s largest train producer, the state-owned Railway Rolling Stock Corporation over its aggressive pursuit of contracts to build train cars for US cities.

The company has already obtained contracts in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia usually by underbidding competitors then using CCP funds to underwrite the costs.

This has led some to suspect the intrusion into the MTA may be linked to Railway Rolling Stock Corporation. Though the Chinese company hasn’t provided rail cars for the MTA, it did solicit ideas for upgrading the city’s aging rail network back in 2018.